Dashboard effect plugin: State of matter

Meanwhile, I have sent my patch of the dashboard effect plugin to the KDE review board. Aaron Seigo and Martin Gräßlin (both KDE core devs) have given me valuable remarks for enhancing my code. Additionally, they proposed changes in what my plugin should actually do: It should come with fancy animations, but skip the configuration options for brightness and contrast. The reason is, that users would most probably not understand why the optical configuration of a Plasma view cannot be done in the Plasma settings but window effect settings. I can fully agree to this.

I recently finished rewriting some parts of my code, so that I can start implementing the animations. Before that, I will – as soon as KDE 4.5 was branched and the trunk opens again for new stuff – commit the current state of my work to SVN. This enables KDE devs to compile my sources and follow my development efforts. It also raises the chances to find problems in time when more people are testing.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Andreas Demmer » Dashboard Animation
    19. October 2010 um 17:19

    [...] abend habe ich den KWin Dashboard-Effekt um die erste Animation erweitert: Die Helligkeit und Sättigung des Hintergrunds ändern sich nun [...]

  2. Kiril Vladimiroff
    19. October 2010 um 19:39

    From Planet KDE:
    If everything works out fine, the patch will be in trunk for KDE SC 4.6 before code freeze.

    KDE 4.6 is scheduled for February 2011, I think. When is the code freeze planed for?

    onTopic: This is a great idea. I didn’t test it out, but if this draws effect similar to that one on Shutdown effect would be great.

  3. Andreas Demmer
    20. October 2010 um 08:46

    Soft feature freeze (no new unannounced features) is in about a week, hard feature freeze (no new features, only bug fixes) is in November, you can see this here: http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.6_Release_Schedule

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