Dashboard Effect-Plugin now in trunk!

I just commit my work of the last weeks to KDE SVN trunk: The initial version of the dashboard effect plugin for KWin. This makes the plugin an official part of KDE SC 4.6 which will be released early in 2011. Yay! :) To celebrate this event, I opened myself an ice cold bottle of beer!

What are the next steps? Well, I will enhance the plugin during the next weeks: Implement animations and change the blur effect to resemble the logout effect: The logout effect blurs the screen edges more than the center of the screen which looks pretty nice.

If you would like to test the plugin in its early stage, grab KWin 4.5.60+ from SVN trunk and compile it yourself. If you like to play more on the safe side, just wait until your favorite distro provides beta or RC packages of KDE SC 4.6.


2 Responses to “Dashboard Effect-Plugin now in trunk!”

  1. Fri13
    24. July 2010 um 05:26

    4.5 is not yet out and we already are talking about 4.6. Give us some time please! :-D

  2. mutlu
    24. July 2010 um 18:23

    Excellent news. :) Thank you for this plugin! I love it!

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